Thursday, September 24, 2009

This ones for Maddie!!! (DDSC3)

A dear friend of mine has a blog:

My dear friend also has ADORABLE kiddos!!
Her eldest kiddo is EXTREMELY talented and was a
MAJOR help the last time I was working in their area.
This week she posted a challenge on her blog:

My darling helper, this ones for you:

Thanks for the Challenge SWEETNESS!!!!


the whimsical butterfly said...

O. M. G. We are BOTH sitting here right now-Madelynn says to tell you she is SPEECHLESS-came right out of her mouth! (I guess she's not COMPLETELY speechless then, LOL!) I am sitting here with tears in my eyes this is JUST such a sweet card and even sweeter shout out. HOW amazing are yOU?!?!? Thankyou SO much-this is incredible. Your card is ADORABLE-the pumpkin is genius and the coloring is awesome. I am SOOO putting this on the Club Anya blog if it's ok with you!!!

Lori said...

I uploaded it to my member gallery (Wife2Grumpy), but put it wherever you want. I am glad she liked it!!! HUGS to all.