Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Rainy day. Grounded 8 year old. Guess I will clean the house and look for that book I can't find.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Life back at home

In May, I decided it was best for my life, my marriage, and my kids, for me to go back to being a Stay At home Mom. I now spend my days helping my kids, supporting my hubby, and looking for any way possible to help my family save money. I absolutely love the challenge of searching out coupons and ways to save money. Here is an example of what I did last week:

Used all my coupons, rebates, and even returned some items and used that cash. Here is a log of my success:

1st Trip to Walmart
Subtotal = 93.73
Minus Coupons-8.00
Final Subtotal=85.73
Minus Cash from returns-65.00 (2 pairs of shorts and 2 bathing suits)
Total deducted from checking account = $20.73

Minus Coupons-5.00
Total deducted from checking account = $21.17

2nd Walmart Trip
Subtotal = 54.71
Minus Coupons – 37.24
Total deducted from checking account = $17.47
Minus Mail in Rebate – 10.00
Total paid for items = $7.47

Grocery totals should have been = $174.61
I paid = $59.37, but will get another $10.00 back from Kraft.

I also took daughter for a haircut and after my coupon only paid $10 with the tip.
She LOVES it!!!

WOOHOO!! Success!! I love having the time in my life to do this!!

For my record, or if you are interested, here is what I purchased:

Oscar Mayer shaved Turkey
2 Oscar Mayer Turkey Bologna
Oscar Mayer Angus Franks
2 Oscar Mayer Turkey Bacon
2 bottles Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce
6 EZ Mac Cups
Kraft Mac & Cheese Duluxe Dinner
4 Kraft Mac & Cheese
2 Kraft 100 Cheddar Cheese
Koolaid Lemonaid Funfiz
200 Aleve Caplets
4 dozen Bic pens
Olive oil
Kashi Go Lean Crunch
Kashi Heart to Heart Cinnamon
2 Ovaltine
4 Suave ladies Deodorant/Antiperspirant
4 lbs bananas
Wedge of Parmesan
Wedge of Monterrey Jack
2 loaves of bread
Fat free Sour cream
4 cans Black beans
4 cans Navy Beans
4 cans Canallini Beans
4 cans Garbanzo beans
4 cans Sweet Peas
7 bottles of craft paint
Minced Garlic
Ear drops
Opti free Replenish Contact solution
2 four packs of toilet paper
2 bags yellow saffron rice
3 boxes chicken broth
2 bags Meow Mix cat food
2 pkgs Paper plates
Cat litter
4 pkgs school paper

Plus I found a free Gillette Fusion ProGlide in my mailbox when I returned home. (With $5 in additional coupons.)

As I find good deals, I will share them here on my blog.