Friday, February 24, 2012

Been very busy lately!!!

I have been so busy, that the fabulous Donna Downey canvas STILL looks like it does below. I got new paints delivered, but have just not had any free time to paint. SUCKS!! I hope to have a free day by early next week to finally have some me time to paint. Keep posted for the finished canvas.

Since, I have done nothing crafty lately, I thought I would share something I did a while ago. I love this!!! Used a lot of paint, Tattered angels mists, Unity Butterfly Stamps, Donna Downey flower stamps, watercolor crayons, and Glossy Accents.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Canvas Create Day. WOOHOO!!

Ok, the 15th of the month!!! Woohoo!!! Today is the day I get emailed from Bill and Donna Downey with this months Canvas Create Project. So exciting!!!! Best day of the month!!

I have already downloaded and watched the video for the first time. Yes, I will be watching it multiple times. It helps to cement different techniques in my brain. It also helps me to be more courageous when I paint myself.

Interested in Canvas Create, then check it out: HERE

My canvas is currently started and drying. I am not a patient person, so waiting for modeling paste to dry is not easy for me. But, I also just placed an order for some new paint, so I have to wait till it gets here before continuing. So dry, baby dry!!

In Donna's canvas, she cut her heart from an old journal ledger book. She said we could use any paper; book pages, scrapbook paper, paper towel, or sheet music. I jumped out of my chair with excitement!!! I have TONS of sheet music that was my grandmothers. So excited to be putting a small piece of grandma into this months canvas. Fun!!!

Here is my current drying canvas:

So exciting!!!!
Will post the final canvas as soon as the Fed ex guy gets here with my new paint.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Most recent art project. LOVE IT!!!

Today, I cleaned the entire first floor, made pot roast for dinner, baked gluten free cookies for Valentine's Day, and PAINTED!!! I am so excited, I don't even care if other people hate it. I had fun and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!

The saying, "Yours Forever & Always" is something Brian and I have written on letters and cards to each other forever!! Well not forever, but for the last 26 years. They are more than words to us. We truly mean FOREVER AND ALWAYS, better or worse, sickness and health, grumpy or happy. (even dopey too) So I decided I wanted to paint him a picture with those words for Valentine's Day. I knew it had to have a heart, but after that there was no direction. VERY scary for someone who likes to plan everything out.

Did things happen that I did not expect? Yes, but I adapted and kept going. It isn't how it looked in my head. It is actually better!!

My heart is constantly telling me to create and paint. My brain quite often gets in the way and I don't. I almost decided not to do this today. I am so glad I finally listened to my heart and not my head.

Last month, I joined Donna Downey and became a member in her 2012 Canvas Create Club. Donna, though I have watched you create for years, I rarely had the courage to try. Thanks so much for this upcoming year. So looking forward to each months projects and all the techniques I can learn from you. Even if I learn nothing else but courage, I will be so very blessed. Thank you.

A side note to the quote - I write the quote with xxx at the end. Brian writes it with +++. Neither of us can prove who started writing it first and which ending is "correct". So the fight will continue. Since I painted it, I used the "correct" xxx. LOL. Brian disagrees.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentines and box

Finished my youngest's Valentine box and Valentines. Had to make them boyish. This was a big stretch for my very girly side.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

My new toy!!!!!

Woohoo. My fabulous Father in law just delivered my new toy. Can't wait to start using it to journal when I scrapbook. It is an antique probably from the 40's. So cool!! It even dings at the end of the line. Giddy with excitement!!

This is a test

Seeing if I am able to blog from my new app on my phone.

Here is a picture of one of my newest antique toys. I bought two of these on eBay this past month. Giddy!! Can't wait to fill them with foam blenders for all my Tim Holtz inks. So fun!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

It is official - I am caught up!!!!

Ok, I once again apologize for the lack of attention to the blog. I have uploaded all the pictures from the last 3 months projects and they are all posted in the tons of February 8th posts. Just ignore the dates and enjoy the pictures. I pray something I do inspires you to create also!!

Before I end tonight, I have to share one more picture. A couple of weeks ago, my WONDERFUL boss Amy went out to CHA in Anaheim, CA. She was shopping for her two stores, The Scrapbooking Studio in Moline and Bloomington, IL. Two of the other ladies I work with were also at the show. I am slightly jealous, but I couldn't afford the trip at the time, so I am glad they got to go. Before they left I told them I wanted them to get a picture of Tim Holtz holding a sign that said Hi Lori!! I made them feel guilty for leaving me behind and told them not to come home without it. Mean, I know!! But I love them, and they still love me!!

Well, guess what??? They did it!!!! I am sure Tim thought they were completely bonkers, but they did it!! I am beyond excited!!! I swear I want to blow this up to posted size and hang it on my craft room wall for inspiration!!! Giddy!!!!

Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!!! Jennifer and Malika, you guys are THE BEST!!!!!
(Well after Tim, and Mario, oh ya and my husband, and my FAVORITE boss) Teehee

Valentine's Day is coming

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching. It was the theme for the three store samples I made and the one class I taught in January.

I embellished one of Tim Holtz's District Market cards. Very fun!!

Designed a two page layout using Basic Grey Indie Bloom:

And created this fabulous mixed media art piece using some American Crafts Pebbles paper, a canvas, Tim Holtz's music tissue paper, some paint and a BUNCH of mod podge.

Drying mod podge. (I am impatient)

Drying paint (Still impatient)

Final canvas finished. (Turned out very cute)

I also finally found a home for all my wonderful Whisker Graphics Twine at the dollar store. Can't wait to put them all in their own individual jars and display them in my finished craft room. (I used this lime green twine in the above canvas.)

The Valentine class I taught in January was a Tag Class. I was inspired by Tim Holtz's 12 Tag's of Christmas. Had a lot of fun with this class and will now be teaching periodic Tag classes at The Scrapbooking Store in Bloomington. Very fun!!!

Bo Bunny Snowfall

This is an absolutely BEATUIFUL line!!! The brown, blue and all the glitter is just FABULOUS!!
Here is a quick pic of what I did with the line. I designed and taught this Snowfall Acrylic Album class at The Scrapbooking Studio in Bloomington in January.

The injury!!! (My hubby didn't find this fun)

Made a sample for The Scrapbooking Studio using Bo Bunny's Cambridge line. Had to use the line because the paper was the same color as my husband's ankle after he injured it jumping rope. He was training for a 100 mile bike ride. Whole biking season ruined because of a rope. He was bummed.


Page 1 and 2

Page 3 and 4

Page 5 and 6

Page 7 and 8

Page 9 and 10

The HAT!!!

This was my interpretation of a hat made by Laura de la Roasa that was at the 2010 Chicago CHA. I knew I would sit down and make it someday. LOVED how it turned out. Plus I made the stand too. Gotta love mannequin parts!!

My hat was made with Graphic 45 Christmas Past Collection. The paper was called Let it Snow.

You can see Laura's  tutorial on Graphic 45's website: Here

Christmas card 2011

This past year, I decided to try and use up some old pieces from past Christmas cards. I had a bunch of old acrylic pages left that I had stamped with White snowflakes. I decided they would be the base of the card. My WONDERFUL boss gifted all of us with a Tim Holtz Vagabond, so I used it to make the fun Snowmen. LOVED IT!!! LOVE my Vagabond!!! Love my new boss, Amy!!

Basic Grey Layouts

This is a layout I did for a store sample at The Scrapbooking Studio in Bloomington.

This layout uses Basic Grey Nordic Holiday. I added Mickey hats to the snowmen. I will use this layout when I scrap our December 2008 Disney Trip.

This is one of the Basic Grey Page of The Month layouts designed by Basic Grey in the Little Black Dress line. At The Scrapbooking Studio we do a lot with Basic Grey. Each month they send me a layout kit they design. I make their two page layout and then with the left overs design a two page layout that I teach in a class that month. The people in class then go home and can use their leftovers to finish the two page layout by Basic Grey. (Like the one above.)

Halloween Mixed Media Art Piece - Finally!!

Ok - I never posted the final picture of my Halloween Mixed Media Piece. Love this one!!! Used some Wendy Vecchi art pieces and Tim Holtz stamps to finish it.

If you missed the beginning of this canvas, please check it out at:

I also did another piece at the same time I did this one. It was also done with Wendy Vecchi art pieces, some Tim Holtz metal pieces, and Tim Holtz Tissue Paper. This one is for Christmas.

It's official - I NEED a blog assistant

But, I can't pay you, give you a desk, benefits, or anything. And I am probably a horrible boss. CRAP!!! I probably just need to set one or two days a week and keep this updated. Ok, that's it!!! Going to upload a bunch of projects I have done over the last few months, and then come up with a schedule where I keep this thing updated better. Stay tuned for a bunch of pictures coming in the next post.