Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Canvas Create Day. WOOHOO!!

Ok, the 15th of the month!!! Woohoo!!! Today is the day I get emailed from Bill and Donna Downey with this months Canvas Create Project. So exciting!!!! Best day of the month!!

I have already downloaded and watched the video for the first time. Yes, I will be watching it multiple times. It helps to cement different techniques in my brain. It also helps me to be more courageous when I paint myself.

Interested in Canvas Create, then check it out: HERE

My canvas is currently started and drying. I am not a patient person, so waiting for modeling paste to dry is not easy for me. But, I also just placed an order for some new paint, so I have to wait till it gets here before continuing. So dry, baby dry!!

In Donna's canvas, she cut her heart from an old journal ledger book. She said we could use any paper; book pages, scrapbook paper, paper towel, or sheet music. I jumped out of my chair with excitement!!! I have TONS of sheet music that was my grandmothers. So excited to be putting a small piece of grandma into this months canvas. Fun!!!

Here is my current drying canvas:

So exciting!!!!
Will post the final canvas as soon as the Fed ex guy gets here with my new paint.

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Looks Interesting :)