Wednesday, February 8, 2012

It is official - I am caught up!!!!

Ok, I once again apologize for the lack of attention to the blog. I have uploaded all the pictures from the last 3 months projects and they are all posted in the tons of February 8th posts. Just ignore the dates and enjoy the pictures. I pray something I do inspires you to create also!!

Before I end tonight, I have to share one more picture. A couple of weeks ago, my WONDERFUL boss Amy went out to CHA in Anaheim, CA. She was shopping for her two stores, The Scrapbooking Studio in Moline and Bloomington, IL. Two of the other ladies I work with were also at the show. I am slightly jealous, but I couldn't afford the trip at the time, so I am glad they got to go. Before they left I told them I wanted them to get a picture of Tim Holtz holding a sign that said Hi Lori!! I made them feel guilty for leaving me behind and told them not to come home without it. Mean, I know!! But I love them, and they still love me!!

Well, guess what??? They did it!!!! I am sure Tim thought they were completely bonkers, but they did it!! I am beyond excited!!! I swear I want to blow this up to posted size and hang it on my craft room wall for inspiration!!! Giddy!!!!

Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!!! Jennifer and Malika, you guys are THE BEST!!!!!
(Well after Tim, and Mario, oh ya and my husband, and my FAVORITE boss) Teehee


Jen said...

Love you too! Glad I wasn't escorted out of the show after that! LOL

Winnie said...

I LOVE this...I wish I had a pic like that. I just love all his stuff and his nice personality just shines thru.. I know I am a bit obsessed as I seem to know what Mario is cooking for dinner way to often according to my hubby. Thanks for sharing your picture. Made me smile that I am not the only one out there who would want one.

mk said...

I know. I was sure we were going to get kicked out;)