Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Most recent art project. LOVE IT!!!

Today, I cleaned the entire first floor, made pot roast for dinner, baked gluten free cookies for Valentine's Day, and PAINTED!!! I am so excited, I don't even care if other people hate it. I had fun and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!

The saying, "Yours Forever & Always" is something Brian and I have written on letters and cards to each other forever!! Well not forever, but for the last 26 years. They are more than words to us. We truly mean FOREVER AND ALWAYS, better or worse, sickness and health, grumpy or happy. (even dopey too) So I decided I wanted to paint him a picture with those words for Valentine's Day. I knew it had to have a heart, but after that there was no direction. VERY scary for someone who likes to plan everything out.

Did things happen that I did not expect? Yes, but I adapted and kept going. It isn't how it looked in my head. It is actually better!!

My heart is constantly telling me to create and paint. My brain quite often gets in the way and I don't. I almost decided not to do this today. I am so glad I finally listened to my heart and not my head.

Last month, I joined Donna Downey and became a member in her 2012 Canvas Create Club. Donna, though I have watched you create for years, I rarely had the courage to try. Thanks so much for this upcoming year. So looking forward to each months projects and all the techniques I can learn from you. Even if I learn nothing else but courage, I will be so very blessed. Thank you.

A side note to the quote - I write the quote with xxx at the end. Brian writes it with +++. Neither of us can prove who started writing it first and which ending is "correct". So the fight will continue. Since I painted it, I used the "correct" xxx. LOL. Brian disagrees.

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