Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pages 2 and 3 of the art journal

I have been a busy little beaver today. Not really, but I have been having a very fun CREATE DAY!!! It has been needed. I finished pages 2 and 3 of my Create Every Day Art Journal from Tracy Weinzapafel. Having loads of fun.Our homework was to have at least two pages done by March 29th. Woohoo. I thought it was by today. So I am a week ahead and have three pages done.

Page 2 - ART Makes Me Happy

Page 3 - Life Is The Flower

I really liked how this turned out, and then I raked my hand across the wet india ink. UGH!!! Oh well, lesson learned. Dry india ink immediately after using and before you decide to add just one more thing. May redo someday on a larger canvas. Love the colors.

Page #1 of my Art Journal

Actually, page #1 of my first EVER art journal. Yes, I have done loads of pages before. I just have never decorated a cover, made it official, and planned on filling every page till I was finished before. Just trying to be legitimate and not so uncommitted about my art. This is something I absolutely LOVE to do, and it is a way for me to give it value and honor in my life instead of a back seat.

I need to get more comfortable with my own handwriting. It just does not flow well yet.

I started the page with Gelatos. I still have not decided if I like these things. I honestly think I may be using them wrong or something. I do exactly what I see others do, and it never looks the same. I ended up using water color crayons and glimmer mist, which basically covered up the gelato mess. I LOVE it now!!

Do Something Creative Everyday Art Journal

I purchased an Art Journal Kit from Tracy Weinzapafel. She is doing a multi night online class to direct us in finishing it. LOVE IT!!! Unfortunately, my life is so busy that I rarely get to sit with her live. I am usually watching the recording and am behind.

Yes, I could have designed this myself. No, I doubt I ever would do it. I can design and teach many things, but designing something just for myself seems to be an issue I have. I just never seem to get around to do it!!

So, I purchased Tracy's beautiful kit (Thanks GlueMom and GlueDad) in hopes that it would motivate me to just play for the simple pleasure of doing it. Plus, Tracy is a RIOT!!!

Here is my cover page:

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

When certain people tell you to do something ........... you just do it!!!

Ok, last night I was watching Tracy Weinzapafel paint LIVE on Ustream. Love her!!! She started the evening with only a vague idea of what she was wanting to create. Well, with a gaggle of ladies chatting while you create, that idea quickly flew out the window. She made the mistake of asking us what she should do and we told her. Ok, she probably does this all the time, but the idea scares the crap out of me. What if they chose something you had no idea how to do well? Just my scary inadequacies showing I guess. She on the other hand does it and makes it look so very easy.
So, what did we tell her to paint??? A palm tree!!! Of course, at the end of the 60 minutes (soon to be 90 minutes woohoo) she challenged us to paint a palm tree too. Of course, I have never painted a palm tree in my life. Usually like working more abstract because then people don't know what I was really trying to achieve after all. (Did I just tell the world my secret?) So, today I painted a palm tree.
Here is a link to the recording of Tracy on Ustream:

And here is my Palm Tree:

 I used watercolor crayons, glimmer mist, gesso, acrylic paint, charcoal pencil, mod podge, glitter, distress inks, india ink, chipboard letters, felt covered brads and baby shells.

Thank you Tracy for helping me stretch my imagination!!!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Finally Finished!!!!!

Ok, NO the heart canvas did not need a solid month to dry before I could paint it. Life got busy and it has taken me exactly a month to get back to it. But, today was finally the day. Woohoo!!! (If you want to see how it started, look back on February 15th) I absolutely LOVE how it turned out. So many fun techniques! Loved the texture that happens every time I use modeling paste. It takes a while to dry (not a month), but it is so worth it when you put the paint on and see what fun things happening in all the nooks and crannies. So much fun.

And finally, after one solid month, drum roll please........................... My heart!!

It is only an 8x10 canvas, so it was a little over kill to use my beautiful new easel. Will have to do a bigger project next time, so I can use it instead of the table top one.

This canvas is a monthly online class that I am taking with Donna Downey. Each month, she emails us the picture, link to the video, and a supply list. We make it along with her and learn some great techniques. Just trying to get myself to play, have fun, make messes, and not over think things so much. If you are interested in Donna's Canvas Create class, please click on the following link:

Donna Downey Canvas Create

I am having so much fun each month learning some great techniques and just giving myself the opportunity to create. Life can get busy, and if I had never signed up to do this, I know that I would let life win and never get around to doing what I really love and want to do. Thanks Donna.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Most recent class

Tonight, I was teaching at The Scrapbooking Studio in Bloomington, IL. It was my last class for the month. I won't be teaching again until April 1st. The class tonight was a paperbag album featuring the Amy Tangerine paper line. It was SO CUTE!!! (LOL, hence the name) We made a great little album with tons of spots for lots of pictures and journaling. I also taught the ladies how to make a great flower from a zipper ribbon. Everyone had lots of fun!!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Upcoming Class

Just finished a mini album last night for an upcoming class at The Scrapbooking Studio in Bloomington, IL. I used My Mind's Eye's Dilly Dally line. I absolutely love how this turned out. My husband was teasing me because I created the whole thing with a major sinus headache. Unfortunately, or fortunately, it helped. It is hard to over think things too much if you can barely think. Maybe I should try and induce a headache every time I design. I seem to work faster and don't over analyze this way. Nah!!! What fun would that be?? LOL

I designed this to give to a friend after I teach my class. I showed her it first before turning it in. She said I made her cry. Woohoo!!! I think that means she liked it!!