Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pages 2 and 3 of the art journal

I have been a busy little beaver today. Not really, but I have been having a very fun CREATE DAY!!! It has been needed. I finished pages 2 and 3 of my Create Every Day Art Journal from Tracy Weinzapafel. Having loads of fun.Our homework was to have at least two pages done by March 29th. Woohoo. I thought it was by today. So I am a week ahead and have three pages done.

Page 2 - ART Makes Me Happy

Page 3 - Life Is The Flower

I really liked how this turned out, and then I raked my hand across the wet india ink. UGH!!! Oh well, lesson learned. Dry india ink immediately after using and before you decide to add just one more thing. May redo someday on a larger canvas. Love the colors.

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v said...

Beautiful job! I love watching Tracy too!;)

~Vanessa W
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