Tuesday, March 20, 2012

When certain people tell you to do something ........... you just do it!!!

Ok, last night I was watching Tracy Weinzapafel paint LIVE on Ustream. Love her!!! She started the evening with only a vague idea of what she was wanting to create. Well, with a gaggle of ladies chatting while you create, that idea quickly flew out the window. She made the mistake of asking us what she should do and we told her. Ok, she probably does this all the time, but the idea scares the crap out of me. What if they chose something you had no idea how to do well? Just my scary inadequacies showing I guess. She on the other hand does it and makes it look so very easy.
So, what did we tell her to paint??? A palm tree!!! Of course, at the end of the 60 minutes (soon to be 90 minutes woohoo) she challenged us to paint a palm tree too. Of course, I have never painted a palm tree in my life. Usually like working more abstract because then people don't know what I was really trying to achieve after all. (Did I just tell the world my secret?) So, today I painted a palm tree.
Here is a link to the recording of Tracy on Ustream:

And here is my Palm Tree:

 I used watercolor crayons, glimmer mist, gesso, acrylic paint, charcoal pencil, mod podge, glitter, distress inks, india ink, chipboard letters, felt covered brads and baby shells.

Thank you Tracy for helping me stretch my imagination!!!


JWerkman said...

I really like this canvas. Even thought I told you I didn't like mixed media. That palm tree is just great. I want one.

angie reece said...

i love your palm tree!