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Yesterday, I had the privilege to attend CHA Summer 2012 in Chicago, IL. (Thanks Amy! You are the best!) WOW!!! 8 straight hours of creativity. It was amazing, inspiring, overwhelming, and intimidating all at once. I had the chance to meet people I have only seen in other peoples photos, hug and chat with those I have met before and love seeing any chance I get, and even miss those that I didn't get to see because they were not attending this year. (You were missed greatly Jess!!)

I absolutely LOVE to see what other people do with both scrapbooking and mixed media products. I learn something new every chance I get to be in the presence of other designers. Sometimes it is a WOW that is amazing moment, and sometimes its a DUH, why did you never think of that dork moment. That is ok though, as long as I continue to always be open to educating myself and pushing my comfort zone box to be bigger.

I do have pictures to post for CHA, but I want to wait for a few more from a friend before I upload them. Keep watching. They will pop up on here soon.

While sitting and talking with Donna Downey, I told her that I absolutely LOVED her Canvas Create Class. It is an monthly online class that she started back in January. Every month she creates a canvas and then emails us a video and inspires us create our interpretation of it. I love the class because it is teaching me techniques, pushing me to do things I would have never thought to do on my own, and inspiring me to just create and be adventurous. In 5 months, I have learned so very much. Thank you Donna.

While chatting with Donna, and doing her make n take, I shared that I was behind in class. I had managed to finish May's canvas, but had not started June yet, and I had just received the July email. UGH!! What Donna said to me was very profound, and really stuck with me the rest of the day. She said:

"You are not behind, because you are farther than those who have done nothing at all."

I have a nasty habit of beating myself up because I did not get this or that done in what I thought was a timely matter. This is wrong. Donna helped me see that. I had decided when she first announced the Canvas Create class, that I was going to take this year and spend some time on ME. You see, like most of us ladies, I seem to pour myself out for my kids, my husband, the house, the garden, or even the job that I love. What I don't always do is find time for me. My Canvas Create time this year is just that, time for me!! It doesn't matter if some months it takes me 6 weeks to finish a project, or only three days. I need to learn to value MY TIME, MY LIFE, and MY ABILITIES and never put myself down because I have mistakenly compared myself to someone else.

Ok, that is it!! Lori will now step down from her soap box. Now to the fun stuff!!!

So, here is the last two canvases I have created that were inspired by Donna's Canvas Create Class. They were done at the end of June, but I never had the chance to blog about them before now.

This one I call Believe (Or Canvas #4 - I refuse to go by the timetable of a certain month anymore)

I did my background similar to Donna's, but used a different stamp set.

The cool technique this month was a resist using modeling paste and a large stamp.
We took a 12x12 canvas and covered the entire front in modeling paste. Let it dry until the paste forms a skin over the top, but will still indent if touched. At this point, push your stamp into the modeling paste and make an impression all across the bottom. Let it sit until completely dry before starting to paint.

I absolutely love the texture on this canvas. I am not sure if the photos convey it well, but it is a very 3D canvas. The final front area is completely different than Donna's. I saw this quote on Pinterest and decided I wanted to use it. I love the way it turned out.

This one I call Finger Flowers (Or Canvas #5 - Once again, I refuse to go by the timetable of a certain month anymore)

This month we used a Black gessoed stretch canvas. I believe mine is 16x20.
It was the largest I could find locally.

The cool technique this month was that the entire canvas was painted with our fingers and a paint knife. It is by far one of the coolest things I have ever done. I absolutely love this canvas!!! Both the black canvas and finger painting were something I have never done before. (Except maybe in preschool) It was a lot of fun!!

If you are interested in Donna's monthly Canvas Create class or any other event she is currently doing, you can check out Donna's online store at:

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sandee said...

I just started watching her weekly online videos, and get this, I am like 2 hours away from her. I plan on visiting her soon as her new store is finished! Love your canvases and look forward to seeing your pictures from CHA! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)