Monday, September 24, 2012

Ketchup day!!

Ok, not really! But, it is catch up day!!

A friend of mine posted that as their Facebook status. I just laughed, because that is exactly what it is around here today. We had a busy weekend of running around, and now that I have the house to myself, it is time to get some stuff done.

I currently have not 1, not 2, but 6 canvases laying around drying and it is only 10:30 am. LOL. No, I did not paint them all today. Some have been finally sprayed with fixative and are drying. Some have been modified with the last of my modeling paste and are drying, and some just had a bunch of stuff glued to them and are drying. While I wait, I am listening to a local radio station, balancing the checkbook, paying bills, cleaning, posting on the blog, checking facebook, and trying to figure out my new Etsy store.

See ya around, time to move on to the next project.
Hugs, Love, and blessings to you all.


sandee said...

How's the Etsy coming along? I am curious as to your thoughts on it. What's your first impression? waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

Lori said...

Sandee - I am completely flying blind. I have not made the store public yet because I want it all set up first. I have been researching other peoples pages to see how they do things. Plus, I need to take some canvases to the UPS store and see what the average cost is to ship them.

Maureen Hayes said...


Sorry I haven't been around much, still not feeling well. I have several good friends who have Etsy shops, would you like to be put in touch with any of them for advice? I haven't done it myself so I am no help, but I am happy to connect you to those who have if you'd like. Good luck with it all and I hope to be better at keeping in touch soon.