Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Organization WONDERLAND!!!

Ok, my life is hectic. Whose isn't right?

Well, for the last year, I have crafted out of two rooms. One is in my "Formal dining room" (That we do not use for that.), and the other is in my beautifully half done craft room that my husband and I have been doing ourselves. It currently has 4 beautifully studded walls, but HORRIBLE lighting. That means my storage is downstairs in the basement, but I craft upstairs where there is better lighting.

Some people would not see my two room craft area as a problem. But it is!!! I can never find a thing!! Lately I have resorted to cups and plastic zip lock bags for storage, because I constantly need something portable. Here, let me show you:

Here are my wonderful Faber-Castell Gelatos. Up until recently, they lived in a red solo cup. How sad is that??

Or how about these Water Color Crayons that I ordered online. The were delivered a MONTH ago. They are still taped to the packaging they were sent in, because I could not figure out where to store them. I didn't need more solo cups on my desk. The gelato one already falls over and spills gelatos everywhere. I also knew that if I used a baggie, the crayons would break. Ugh. What is a girl to do?

Well, a few weeks ago I won the most amazing organizational tool!!! I just had to post about them and share. You see. not only do the crayons and gelatos have a new home, but so do other things. And Bonus!! They no longer tip over and spill everywhere. This is what I got as my prize:

Thank you, thank you, thank you Tracy!! I absolutely LOVE these. Here is what they look like now:

The gelatos no longer roll off the table and across the floor. The crayons have been untaped, and have a home. My colored sharpie markers also fit in one. I even had a container for some Tim Holtz Distress markers and some small tubes of Golden thick acrylic that is always getting in my way.


This make so much sense!!! I can now move from floor to floor at home and never drop a thing. I am also able to easily throw a tube in my bag if I need to take some supplies to teach a class at work at The Scrapbooking Studio in Blooington, IL

Even my youngest son thought they were fabulous. He thinks I should empy mine and use them to organize his pencil/crayon drawer in the kitchen. NOT!!!

If you are interested in organizing your own space, then check out Viewtainer at the following link:


They come in loads of fabulous colors, lid options and sizes. They will absolutely have the right container for any of your crafting or family needs.

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Maureen Hayes said...


So glad you are finding your Viewtainers as useful as I found mine! They really are a great way to store crafting supplies, and isn't it wonderful not to have to worry about things spilling, especially when you have to move your supplies around? Thanks for sharing!