Wednesday, December 5, 2012

End of the year thoughts

2012 is coming to an end. (Literally, not because the Mayans say so) As the year starts to play out it's last few days, it always makes me think of the things I did that year. My first thoughts, of course, are always of my kids and hubby. But, this year, I also have been thinking of my designing this year. I took a leap this year and branched out. My life as a designer started  with just scrapbooking and dabbling in card making. This year I pushed myself outside of my comfort zone "box" and started mixed media and painting. WOW!! So very much fun!! I have found me!! Who knew that all those years I was living in the box, that the real me was really outside it. I couldn't be happier. I have discovered, with the help from some dear friends, that there are no mistakes. They have challenged me to find the real ME in my designs, my ART, and keep that my focus. It has been an eye opening journey this year.

Here are a few of the items I designed this year. Some are from the scrapbooking field, some from the mixed media art part of me. All seem to have common trends that I never noticed until I decided to compile them together. One, I use chipboard, distress ink, and paint TONS!! Two, I LOVE what I do. I hope these items inspire you to climb out of your own comfort zone and reach for new heights!

Thank you to those friends that have been a major force in my growth this year. Though I can never list all that have inspired me this year, I want to acknowledge a few.

Melissa - you have been a friend and support in the good times and bad. I love you!!

Jen - you are one of the most talented ladies I know. You inspire me with everything you do!

Tracy - You have challenged me to live without fear. I can never thank you enough!!

Angel - You are what I want to be when I grow up. I don't think you know how much you have helped me this year. 



Maureen Hayes said...


You are such a talented artist, you should be proud of taking chances and making such beautiful work! More imports fly, you are a kind and loving person. I am so glad to a part of the group with you.


Jean said...

What a wonderful year in review and such gorgeous projects! Love this idea!

Mary Friederichsen said...

Lori these projects are gorgeous! Thank you for all of the inspiration that you have given me this year and for your kind words! So very glad that we all found "our group"!
Blessings and Hugs,