Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What's on your workdesk Wednesday - WOYWW #190

The last 10 days consisted of youngest missing school with flu for 3 days, me having flu for 2 days, hubby missing work with flu for 2 days, a basketball game, church, a swim meet, and 2 teacher in service days so the kids were off school for the last two days. That is too much for 10 days and 1 sentence. So today, approximately 30 minutes ago, I finally have a minute to myself. All kids have left for school and the hubby is off to work. I explain all this to clarify my desk. I am finally in the studio and started my coasters and remembered I still needed a desk photo. This is the quick shot as I work. Before everyone left, the desk looked EXACTLY like the previous WOYWW picture.

Today, my plans are to finish the dozen coasters, finish the daisy canvas, start some projects I was asked to do as a guest design team blogger, and just enjoy the peace and quiet while I hop around to all the WOYWW blogs.

Sorry so late today.
If you want to know more about WYOWW, check out Julia's post this week below:

Now, I am going to go be creative and blog hop. Hope you enjoyed my desk today.


Carol Yates said...

You have had a time of it Lori! You relax and do your crafting, get into the zone girl.
Carol.x #64

Keren Howell said...

If you're late, I was later! Glad you and your family are all better and you can enjoy some crafting time! xxx Keren

Almo said...

Hi Lori, with so much going on I am surprised you have time to take your photo. Hopefully you will catch up with your projects this week. Look forward to seeing them. Hugs Mo x

Ria Gall said...

so pleased to hear that you have the house to yourself and the peace and quiet to go with it.
Enjoy finishing your projects
Ria #92

HeatherM said...

The germs have really been going around. Glad that it sounds like everyone is feeling better and you had some time for yourself. Your workspace is so organized! I can't seem to keep mine clean. :-)
HeatherM #144

Gibby Frogett said...

Happy WOYWW. Projects sound great -hope you managed to have a good day and do what you wanted...Gill x (#97)

Becky said...

I'm glad everyone is feeling better! Hope you got your coasters done today :)

fairy thoughts said...

Hi lori
with all that sickness I am amazed you know what day it is let alone remember to take a pic of your desk. interesting painting going on I hope you enjoyed your day
I posted your package on tuesday usually takesa bout a week

Nelle said...

Hi Lori, glad you are on the mend, the family too.
Had a quick look to see if you had come up with a title for the daisy canvas..Any more ideas?
Nice to see the coasters being worked on..
I have completed my doll head, its on my WOYWW.
Nelle xx #89

trisha too said...

Oh my the flu, that's never a good thing, so glad you are all getting better!

Happy WOYWW!
:)trisha #164 this week
and a little late!

Carole Z said...

Hi Lori, glad all your family are on the mend..looking forward to seeing your finished projects, Carole Z #122

BJ said...

Just noticed you have a "decorated/colourful" heat tool - LOL. Great daisy coaster BJ#27

voodoo vixen said...

Oh dear, not a good week then? I am so glad you mentioned coasters!! I love the look of your daisy ones, I have some I want to make and I had forgotten!!

RosC said...

Hi Lori,
Hope you enjoyed time to mellow out and follow some ideas, both current and new. I'm always interested in the familiar as well as new things on other peoples' desks. Thanks for a view of yours and the bright daisy canvas.
Glad you came to visit especially after your frantic 10 days. Late is fine...
Miles of smiles,
Ros. #3

Sue from Oregon said...

Lori-so sorry to read about the flu bug visiting your home! Hope you are feeling better now! Hope you can get jumpstarted and craft on! ♥ Sue Kment

Spyder said...

Aw hope all the flu bugs have gone now! and you got round to being in your happy place and crafting!
Happy VERY late woyww

MaggieC said...

Hope you are all recovering well after all those ailments. What a nasty time you have been having. I am really looking forward to seeing your coasters finished. Thank you for your visit and have a good week. xx Maggie #11