Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Design Team Post at Artistcellar 4/23/13

Today, I am blogging over at Artistcellar.

I show the process behind changing a boring art journal cover into something unique and fun.

This cover uses fabulous stencils by Artistcellar and some AMAZING techniques.

My dear friend Tracy Weinzapfel, does a monthly challenge. This month she challenged us to design something that included 5 things that we want to be remembered for. I decided to use this cover for her challenge so I can constantly see those words when I am working in the journal. My words are Faith, Humor, Heart, Honesty and Creativity.

Have you ever thought about what you want to be remembered for as both a person AND an artist? As my friend challenged me, I challenge you. Think about it!! How do you want to be remembered?
Check out the full process at:



Jean said...

I love this Lori!! The background is so vibrant! just like you!!

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Lori,

I love your journal cover! Hmmm, how would I want to be remembered? Loyal, Funny, Loving, Creative and sexy. Oh wait, did I REALLY type that? haaaa

Thanks for helping out last night with the telecast. I had to sign off around 8:00 (my time) to give my itchy dog a bath.


Tracy Weinzapfel said...

Lori, you rock my world! as an artist and as a friend ♥

Kay Wallace said...

Perfect use of Tracy's challenge as a journal cover, Lori! It will serve as a constant reminder to actually BE the things for which we would like to be remembered. You have chosen perfect words for the Lori I have come to know. Beautiful, thoughtful, artful project!

Craftychris said...

What a stunning cover! Such vibrant colours - I love it! xx