Monday, April 15, 2013

The great studio organization - skeletons and all

This past week, I decided the Studio needed a major overhaul!!! I was sick and tired of never being able to find something and sick of working on such an unorganized messy desk. Just plain hard to be creative when you are so frustrated.

This is the way my workdesk looked a week ago.

Just not enough space to actually work,
and too much stuff on that desk to actually find the things I really want.

So first things first - a CLEAN slate!! Or as an artist, I like blank canvas!!

I refused to take any pictures of the piles all over the floors as I got everything organized.
I am sure everyone can close their eye and picture that mess.

Now here is a picture of the new desk with only the essentials left in place.

I even had room for the extra lighting.
The bar across the desk is used to mount a camera to make instructional videos.
The white paint organizer on the right was purchased at Michael's a few years ago.
The Distress Ink Basket and the Stencil Basket on the left help me keep important items that I use each week when I do my Design Team blog post on Tuesdays over at Artistcellar.
The two tier basket in the middle was a new purchase.
Found it at Hobby Lobby for $20. It was previously $40 and on sale 50% off.
It holds Claudine Hellmuth paints and other odd shaped paints in the bottom.
The top is for my Genuinely Jane Studio Albums that I use
monthly as one of their honored Design Team members.

Here is where a lot of the other paints and items ended up.
This is a three tier metal tree from Hobby Lobby. Normally $80, but it was on sale for $40.
It holds paints I use a lot, so it is right to the right of the desk and within reach.

While organizing, I realized I needed a home for ALL of my fabulous Viewtainers.
They hold all of my tiny doo dadds and keep them from ending up all over the desk and floor.
Yes, my OCD requires that they are all RED. Deal with it!!
I buy mine at Menards or Home Depot locally, but they can also be purchased
directly online from Viewtainer. Fabulous, made in the USA, product that I could not live without.

I decided to go back to Hobby Lobby for another tree for the Viewtainers.
It worked out PERFECT for both my Viewtainers and twine.
I even have a bit of room to add a few more. Woohoo!!

Here they are in their new home!!

Here are a few more shots of the rest of the Studio.

Yes, that is a skull.
Don't they say everyone has a few skeletons in their closet?
Well, mine is an armoire. LOL
The skull is a plaster Halloween decoration that my hubby painted for me.
I am scared to store it with the rest of the decorations and have it break.
The rest of the bins are things I do not wish to get rid of, but don't use often.

More shots just playing around with the new camera and different lenses.
Yes, that is a big black square on the wall. Eventually, the top half
will be black and the bottom wainscot area white.
It was a test square to see if I liked it. I do!!!


Makeup sponges have their own drawer now. These are great to use on my Artistcellar or any manufacturer stencils. Less bleedage under the stencil if you use a sponge.

 One of my antique holders.

Golden paint heaven!!

 Happy twine and Viewtainers.

My favorites are the Deco Arts Gloss Enamels.
Need to use up the rest and replace with all of those.

Odd items that make me who I am.
The fabulous gears I bought from Genuinely Jane Studios.

 Creative Inspirations paints, powders, and glitter. Sparkly!!

So easy to design for Genuinely Jane Studios when all of your albums
are in their own little home. So pretty!!

My life list flower inspired by my lovely friend Tracy Weinzapfel.

Finished pieces, some of which are on sale at etsy:

A favorite item that was given to me by my father in law.
My OCD told me to go retake the picture again after I dusted it, but I am
being a big girl and refusing!!! LOL

Well, that is it. Sorry, it is so picture intensive, but I am proud of how it turned out.
And now that it is organized, it's time to get messy!!
Hope my space inspires you to get creative!!


Anna said...

Great job!! Now can you come do mine?

Von said...

Oh gosh, Lori -- how delighfully fun to see your revised studio! I adore those metal trees and can see how perfectly they fit for your needs and style. Brilliant! Thank you for sharing all those photos -- its so fun to see where you create!! (((hugs)))

Keren Howell said...

Oh, my, how organised you are! It was definitely worth the effort! xxx Keren

Sue from GJS said...

It looks amazing! I love how you organized everything and your own art around the room! Amazing, just like you!!!!!!

sandee said...

wow, awesome remake of you craft space, you have such a spacious space to play in, I am so jealous! It looks so pretty too! Loving those tiered basket stands! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

Eliza said...

Lori I am speechless your space all sorted. It is amazing the hard work you have put in and it looks fantastic, especially love those stands, so much so that I want some too. Boo hoo I can get them here is Australia.

Congrats fantastic job.


peggy apl said...

oh WOW, when you clean and organize, you REALLY do a thorough job! congratulations! your studio looks amazing!

sara j said...

What a fabulous post...and a great space. I know WANT those Hobby Lobby tier stands; sadly there are no Hobby Lobbys here. The Viewtainers however are an inspiried storage mechanism. Do they stack; do they come in squares, after your sight I'm off to check out their website. I like hearing about how people arrange their stuffs...lots of good ideas. Thanks.