Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Genuinely Jane Studios / Artistcellar Blog Hop

Hello all
This first part of May, I had a LOT of deadlines and one very special "secret" project to finish. Today, is the day that my Design Team worlds collided in a very good HAPPY way. This last week has been the blog party for Genuinely Jane Studios AND Artistcellar. I design for both companies and absolutely LOVE what I do. They both are superb companies that produce amazing high quality materials. The fact that my two Design Teams merged for one BIG blog party makes me completely GIDDY!!!

It was not until after my "secret" project was finished, that I realized that it could be used for my blog party post too. Today is the last day of the Genuinely Jane Studios / Artistcellar blog party. I have the honor of closing out the blog party with my secret project. Without planning it in advance, I had used both companies wonderful products in this one project.

So, welcome everyone to the final day of the Genuinely Jane Studios / Artistcellar blog party. If you have missed all the fun, please go check out all the links from the past week:

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Lori (ME) - May 7th - Blogging on my blog here for Genuinely Jane Studios,
and blogging at Artistcellar at:

Have a blast visiting all the blogs and make sure you comment on all the posts too, because both Artistcellar and Genuinely Jane Studios are doing a giveaway.

As I said earlier, my project was a "SECRET" project until right now. You see, my project is a birthday gift for a VERY  DEAR friend named Tracy Weinzapfel. Tracy and I became friends on March 20, 2012 when I stumbled across her LIVE Ustream videos. Since then, we have become close friends. Sometimes even forgetting the time difference and texting while someone is still in bed.

Tracy has made me laugh, helped me cry, and encouraged my artistic endeavors. She is one of those rare people that make you want to be a better you, just because of who they are. I am who I am today because of who she is and the love and encouragement she shares with everyone she touches.

I knew this painting would be for her, but I had to laugh as I was doing the final touches the other day. In the middle of finishing it, I got a text from Tracy. She was asking my opinion about something. It brought me to tears, because someone I admire so much cares about my opinion AND values it. It also creeped me out a little and I started wondering if she somehow had my studio bugged. I thought I had just been caught red handed!!!

I saw this quote a few days before I started this project, and it was the catalyst to how the painting evolved. Tracy, my dear friend:

"Your friendship is to me, as the sunshine is to the flower"

I truly believe with all my heart that I am a better person because I have you as a friend.
I love you!!
Happy Birthday!!

Tracy is celebrating her birthday the ENTIRE month of May. If you would like to help her celebrate, then please head on over to her Studio facebook page and wish her a Happy Birthday Month!! (And tell her I sent you. LOL)

Friday, May 3, 2013

4th of July - A bit early!!

Ok, I am fully aware, that I am early for this holiday. I recently ran across a few sheets of 4th of July paper that I had forget that I bought. Inspiration hit, and I quickly made up a 4th of July tag with a page from a Genuinely Jane Studios Tag Album. I will be displaying this as a decoration when it gets a little closer to the actual holiday.
Maybe I should get out my Halloween and Christmas stuff and start all holidays early. LOL.
Who am I kidding? This is a one time rare occasion that I get something done this early.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

WOYWW #204 - What is on your workdesk?

Welcome everyone to my weekly "What is on Your Workdesk Wednesday?" post. I participate in this weekly snoop fest with a bunch of people from around the world. If you would like more info, please pop over to Stamping Ground and our fearless leader Julia will explain all the fun. You can find all the intricate details here. Think of it as a legal way to nose around and see what other people are doing. It's tons of fun and you will meet gobs of people around the world. If you want to join in on the fun or just nose around, then check out this weeks post at:

Stamping Ground WOYWW #204 by Julia Dunnit

As, you can see, the desk is still fairly clean, but I am currently working on Genuinely Jane Studios Bus album. If I ever get off my computer today, I will get it finished.

Two other tid bits going on:
  1. Last Wednesday, I redesigned the look of my entire blog, etsy store, and started a separate facebook page to link my Lori's Happy Place blog. You can chack it out and start following me at: https://www.facebook.com/lorishappyplace
  2. In the middle of doing all of that, I completely forgot to post pictures of my desk. I was so bummed, because I had taken the pictures, and completely for got to do it. Sorry all!!

Have fun hopping around today and snooping on everyone's desks. I know I am going too.
Hugs ~ Lori

Blog Hop Party Starts Today

I currently design for both Artistcellar AND Genuinely Jane Studios. This week, my two design teams are having a huge blog party TOGETHER. Check out the link below to the Artistcellar newsletter that gives you all the info for the week. I will be blogging on Tuesday, May 7th.

Put your party hats on! May 1-7 we are partying with Genuinely Jane Studios and yes, there will be prizes! Leave some comment love for our designers to win a gift certificate to Genuinely Jane Studios. And they are offering a prize as well! If you missed the newsletter announcement, read about it here: http://conta.cc/11B3ZBY

This is going to be so much fun!!!