Saturday, September 21, 2013

DecoArt Great Apron Off

As one of the DecoArt Bloggers, I get to submit project ideas to DecoArt. If they approve the project, I get happy mail!! Woohoo!!!

A few weeks ago, I submitted three project ideas, and they were ALL approved. I was so absolutely giddy. Today, I am sharing my first official project with you.

The idea for my project:
Use DecoArt SoSoft Fabric Paint to decorate a Tracy Weinzapfel Mixed Media Monday Apron that I have been wanting to paint for a while. Tracy is a fellow DecoArt Blogger, so I figured what a great way to showcase DecoArt AND mention two of their bloggers in one post.

DecoArt Paints Used:
- Ocean Blue
- Bright Coral
- Avocado Green
- Cadmium Orange
- Hauser Light Green
- Canary Yellow
- Christmas (Primary Red)
- White
- Black
- Sapphire Blue
- Celebration Pink

Apron Used:

(You can read the story about Tracy's aprons HERE)
Or, you can simply just decorate any blank apron.

Here is where the story takes a NUTSO turn. This morning, I was talking with Tracy on Skype. I happened to mention to her that my first DecoArt project kind of involved her. (Her name IS on the apron. LOL) Well, she just LOVED the idea. As many people know, Tracy wears an apron on her LIVE Monday Night Ustream Shows. What Tracy DOESN'T DO is get paint on her apron. Her OCD makes it impossible for her to just wipe her dirty hands or brush on her apron. But she thought painting it on purpose would be a great idea!!

This is where the "GREAT Apron Off" started!! (That sounds dirty)
Not only was I going to paint my apron today, but I challenged Tracy to do the same thing. It was the only real chance that paint was EVER getting on her apron, so I thought it was a win win. LOL

About 5 minutes after hanging up with Tracy, I was starting to paint. Woohoo!!

It was at about this time, that I started having a major ANXIETY ATTACK!!! Not only was I painting something to showcase a product for a BIG name company, but I just challenged "The Tracy Weinzapfel" to do it too. What was I thinking? What if this stinks?

If you think I am kidding, just ask Tracy, I text her that EXACT thought. She just laughed at me. UGH!!

I overcame my first jitters and kept painting. Here is what it looked like after I finally managed to get an odd number of flowers spread out on the apron.
Then I added the stems, leaves, and splashed some of each of the colors used around. DONE!!

And you know what, I love it!! I don't think it stinks!! In fact, you know you have evolved as an artist when you like something you did so much, that you don't even care if other people don't like it. Ahhh inner peace!!! Love it!!

The DecoArt SoSoft Fabric Paints are FANTASTIC!!! I absolutely loved how they looked and performed on the canvas material. I would absolutely recommend these paints to everyone. The bottle does say let it dry for 48 hours before washing. I really never plan to wash mine, so I am good. Enjoy!!!

Tracy, thank you for constantly inspiring me to be more than I have ever imagined. You daily push me to strive to be a better me than I ever thought possible.

If you would like to check out Tracy's PAINTED
Mixed Media Monday Apron, please check out her blog here:

Horrible picture of me modeling the apron.
(Taken by a teenager who could not get me in focus)

Beautiful apron now hanging on the door ready at a moments notice.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Friday, September 6, 2013

October Afternoon Witch Hazel Shadow Box

A few days ago, I finished a Design Team project for Genuinely Jane Studios and had some supplies left over. I decided to make a shadow box. This box is made using the 2012 October Afternoon Witch Hazel line.

Supplies used:

  • 1 - Artist Loft 12x12 Unprimed Wooden Cradle Board Box
  • 1 - Sheet black cardstock (For trees and matting)
  • 1 - Sizix / Tim Holtz Bigz Die - Rickety Tree
  • Embossing machine to cut out trees
  • 1 - Black Distress Ink Pad
  • A few pieces from the 2012 October Afternoon Witch Hazel line
    1. 1 - 12x12 Sheet PP-481 Gleam of Moon
    2. 2 - 12x12 Sheet PP-484 Star Thistle
    3. 1 - 12x12 Sheet PP-477 Spider's Silk
    4. 1 - 12x12 Sticker Sheet SS-435 Shape Stickers
I used DeoArt Decoupage to attach the paper to the wood.
1) The Gleam of Moon was cut to fit the inside back of the box.
2) The Star Thistle was used on the back, outsides, and front edge of the box.
3) The Spider's Silk (Green side) was used on the inside sides of the box.
4) I matted the two sayings and Witch onto black cardstock before attaching them.
5) The trees were cut out of the black cardstock.
6) The 2 bats were added onto the Gleam of Moon image to cover up the tiny bats in the picture.
7) After attaching everything, I added more black ink to cover any wood showing through.

Hope you enjoyed my project.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Brand new Americana DecoArt Stencils

I was so exited to be named a DecoArt Blogger, that I went out shopping and started ASAP.

Today, I am showcasing one of the brand new DecoArt Americana Mixed Media Stencils. This stencil is 12x12 and is called Branching Out.

All of the new mixed media stencils are starting to be sold at Michael's and Hobby Lobby Stores. You can also purchase this stencil online directly from DecoArt at: DecoArt Online Store

This is what I made with it:

Before I tell you what I did, I need to apologize. I do not know what paper this is. I unfortunately glued it down and did not write down the manufacturer and name. It was printed on the back. It is an orange one sided 12x12 piece of paper with bats embossed all over it. If anyone knows who it belongs to, PLEASE let me know. I would love to acknowledge the manufacturer. I knew 2 seconds after gluing it down that I made a mistake. UGH!!

Supplies used:
1- 12x12 black canvas
1- 12x12 Halloween Paper (Sorry unknown company)
1- Can Black Spray Paint
1- Can White Spray Paint
BOO letters to use as a stencil (Mine were unfinished wood)
Black Ink
Orange and Black Twine

1) Take stencil, paper, spray paints, and letters to a well ventilated area.
2) Lay stencil and BOO on paper and spray with black.
3) Remove BOO and add some white spray paint.
4) Remove stencil and let paper and stencil dry. (Spray paint will not come off stencil)
5) While paper is drying - finish painting wood BOO letters black.
6) Use DecoArt Americana Decoupage to adhere paper to a 12x12 black canvas.
7) Firmly press canvas onto clean surface to get even coverage and no bubbles or waves in paper.
8) Ink edge of paper with Black Ink
9) Tie 3 lengths of twine around canvas at bottom.

I plan on hanging this canvas, but until I get around to that, it is sitting on a table in my front hallway, as a table decoration.

Are you planning any Halloween DIY decorations this year? If so,what? If you make something send me a picture or a link. I would love to share your projects with everyone too.

Boo Boo Boo Boo Boo to you!!
Happy Fall (Soon to be Halloween)

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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

So honored!! Deco Arts Blogger

Very, very, very happy to announce that I have been chosen as a Deco Arts Blogger. You can see my own personal profile page on their blog here:

I am in awe of all of the wonderful ladies that I am now in company with.

Deco Arts Info

Product Overview

DecoArt has one of the widest selection of paints and finishes for arts, crafts, and home decorating. DecoArt has a full product line which includes over 25 brands of paint and finishes.

Our products are sold in all major craft chain stores in the United States, as well as having a strong market presence internationally in over 75 countries abroad.

Our Commitment to Quality

DecoArt assures its loyal and new customers that they can use our products with confidence.

All DecoArt products are non-toxic and user- and environmently-friendly.

We make safe products. Our paints and specialty products are made in the USA to federally-mandated and industry-wide safety and quality standards as established by the Art & Creative Materials Institute (ACMI). ACMI employs one of the nation's top independent toxicology groups at Duke University. All of our formulas are reviewed and have been certified as non-toxic by this group.

I absolutely love all of the Deco Arts products and am very happy that I will be continuing to share my love with you all and even more people through this new adventure.

Deco Arts is currently doing a giveaway for some of their newest Multi Surface Satin Paint. Please check out their blog and get in on the fun.