Monday, March 31, 2014

March Creative Dare with Tracy Weinzapfel - I am

Today, I am sharing my Creative Dare for March. Each month, Tracy challenges her Mixed Media Monday group to a creative dare. It is just a way to keep us all creating and thinking outside our comfort zone. I have been way stressed out lately and creativity has not really been flowing, but I sat down and finally got to my March Challenge. It was really good to get messy and just be ME. (Even if I had to dust off a few things in the studio to do it.)

I am ..... ME
(Love, Honesty, Faith, Friendship, Happiness, and yes CHAOS)

You can check out more about Tracy's March Creative Dare at:

Come join in the fun with us!!
Get messy!! Br creative!! And live outside your comfort zone!!


Anonymous said...

I just love this piece Lori! Those colors are beautiful and I love your words. Chaos describes my life right now too!! lol. Soooo good to see you creating. :o)

Tracy Weinzapfel Burgos said...


Carole Z said...

Hi Lori, this is beautiful! I love those deep, rich colours...sorry you've been stressed, but I can sympathise as I go through the same and have been quite low too's not nice at all, big hug Carole Z X

Nancy Lee said...

Wonderful colors! Love the flowers!