Monday, October 27, 2014

Halloween Creativity

Gearing up for Halloween is always fun. This year, it is even more fun because we are in our new home. I decided I wanted to build a bunch of huge webs and spiders in the front yard. That is how my artist brain works, GRAND!! The Hubby is always the one to make me think more realistically.

So, this year we decided on one huge web and some 5 foot play spiders from Walgreens. Hopefully each year, we can add more webs and someday a humongous spider.

The items you need to make this web:

2 pkgs - 100 ft 3/16 inch Braided Nylon Rope ($10 ea - Home Depot)
1 - #2 Screw Eye (Drilled into house under overhang)
3 - S Hooks (Not shown - used to attach rope to screw eye)
1 - Hot glue gun and glue
1 - Ladder
3 - Tent Stakes
1 - Software Engineer with a plan
1 - Knot Book

Ok, ok, ok, maybe the Software Engineer with a plan and the book are not necessary, but my VERY organized Hubby helped this artist from just going out in the front yard and managing to just tie herself up in rope.

We decided on a triangle shape because we wanted to anchor the web to the house. You can follow these same basic instructions no matter what shape you want to do.

1) Make outside shape of web using one continuous piece of rope. Use tent stakes to stake to ground. Use 2 S hooks to attach to Screw Eye on house.
(When cutting the rope - we used masking take around the rope before cutting and then burned the rope a bit to ward off fraying of the ends)

2) Tie one vertical and one horizontal rope for your main support. Use S Hook at Screw Eye at house. (Hubby used a Fisherman's Bend Knot. He claims it may not have been the correct knot to use, but it appears to have worked)

3) Add individual diagonal ropes to finish out the web shape.

4) A dollop of hot glue can be added below any knots you think may slip.

5) Cut one piece of rope for each circle on your web. Use Fisherman's Knot at the beginning and end. Just loop the rope once around the diagonal supports. For each circle, vary where you start so all knots are not on one rope.

6) If you have extra room above and below your circles, you can add a few semi circles to finish out the web.

7) Add a dollop of hot glue to any spots where you think your rope may slip.

Our web is 18 ft x 13 ft.
This entire project took about 2 hours to complete.
(It would have probably taken less time if I wasn't "helping".)

Halloween 2015 - 20 foot SPIDER??? 


PS - Thanks Honey, for all your work. It looks fabulous!!!


Eliza said...

I have got to admit I am amazed at the display what a wonderful and awesome idea but only for people who like spiders, I am freaked out by them ew yuk ah. Nope still don't like them.

Hugs Eliza

Carole Z said...

Wow Lori, I bet you scared those Trick or Treaters...amazing! Hugs Carole Z X