Thursday, January 29, 2015

My daughters mission

Hello all

As many of you know, I am the proud Mom of three kiddos. Today, I want to share with you something about my beautiful daughter. Liz is currently a Senior in high school. One year ago, this month, we moved her across the country to a brand new state and life. She handled this move with much grace and maturity and supported her Dad and I during this change.

Liz now attends a local high school that spends a lot of time teaching the kids about benevolence. The dictionary says benevolence is the desire to do good to others; goodwill; and charitableness. I absolutely LOVE this. We have raised all of our children to always help others in any way you can. Liz's high school spends the entire 4 years they have with the students teaching this principle. In fact, to graduate, each student has to complete a Senior Project showcasing this idea of benevolence. They spend four years doing different things to finish this project. Even though Liz has only been at this high school for a year, she is required to also do the project. Fortunately, this is a concept that she has been taught all her life.

Liz decided her project would contain two things our family is passionate about - Finding a Cure for cancer AND art!!

Liz has compiled some of her own original art pieces and is selling them to raise money for The American Cancer Society. ALL money raised from the sales will be donated to The American Cancer Society to help find a cure for cancer. She is even going to ship these pieces for FREE.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE check out the links below to Liz's blog and etsy page and consider helping her to successfully finish her Senior Project and help find a cure for cancer.

Liz's Blog

Liz's Etsy Store

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Playing with paint and travertine

When you purchase a new house, there are often surprises. I am sure most of those are not always good. But, this time it was good!! Our house came with an abundance of extra Travertine tile. Yes, I do realize that you should have some extra just in case you need to replace one or two. I will not be playing with all of these, but I think I have enough to steal a few.

I wasn't sure what I was going to do, so I just picked out some paints and started to play.

I was listening to the radio and "Oceans" by Hillsong United came on. It is one of my favorite songs, so I decided to use my favorite line on the piece. Just a little reminder to try and trust more.

I absolutely love how it turned out. The Travertine took the paint just fine. I did seal the Travertine before and after painting it, just in case.

I hope this piece and the song speaks to you, just like it spoke to me. 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Barn Wood Crosses Finished

Ok, I will start this off by saying the title should be "Barn Wood Crosses Finished by Brian". I will admit it - I come up with the hair brain crazy ideas, and my dear sweet hubby is almost always the muscle. I was allowed to hold wood while he sawed and stapled. I was also allowed to take pictures. I was NOT allowed to touch the power tools. I think this stems from the fact that I really want a blow torch for Christmas someday and that SCARES him.

The back story:
I bought three metal crosses over TWO years ago. I had seen a picture on Pinterest and thought I was crafty enough to duplicate what the gentleman was selling on Etsy. Those crosses sat untouched and then moved across the country two years later, and then moved again from the rental house to our current home.

If you have no desire to see the steps on how to make these, or
don't have access to a store selling old barn wood,
but absolutely LOVE them and need to own them, then I would HIGHLY recommend you check out Kent Hatcher's Etsy store.
The item he sells looks amazing!!
Apparently, LOTS of people like Barn Wood crosses.
I pinned Ken's photo on Pinterest over two years ago
and it has been repinned 1550 times. WOW!!

1) Acquire metal cross.
*It has been over 2 years. My guess, is I bought them at Hobby Lobby.

2) Acquire Barn Wood.
*I had no idea where to acquire
this in the Midwest, but after relocating
 to Phoenix, a friend introduced me to a
 store that sold old wood.

3) A few other things we used:
- Saw
- Square
- Ruler
- Thin piece of wood 
- Staple gun
- Screws
- Dremel tool
- Stiff brush
- Sealer
- paint

4) We used the crosses to decided how much past the end of the cross we wanted the wood to go.

5) Once the three cross pieces were cut (By hubby), we flipped them over and measured a solid piece of wood to act as the base and stability of the cross. You could use metal T's and braces for this, but I had the wood and I did not like the idea of a large number of screws going into the old barn wood.

6) The stability wood was attached using a staple gun.

7) Once the Barn Wood and stability wood were now all one piece, we took the crosses out to the backyard. We used a stiff brush to knock off any loose dirt and wood splinters and then sealed the crosses with a matte spray sealant.

8) The metal crosses were attached to the barn wood crosses using screws. (Each cross had two small screw holes)

9) We used a small amount of acrylic paint to disguise the silver screws against the brown crosses.

 One of our crosses up next to the picture of Kent Hatcher's Crosses on Etsy:

It was a LOT of work, and took over two years to finish, but I am very proud at how well they turned out. They now live in our entry way.

Thank you Kent Hatcher for the inspiration.

Monday, January 12, 2015


Last kid finally started back to school today. I had four whole hours to myself. I put chili in the crockpot and cleaned my studio. I even dusted and vacuumed. Those are rare things in an art studio. I think tomorrow, I will get it messy. Fun!!

Friday, January 9, 2015

No Greater Love by Lori Batronis

Are you thinking about Easter yet?
Want to buy a friend or family member something besides chocolate this year?

This piece is called "No Greater Love".
There is no greater love than that of God's love for each of us.

For more details or to purchase this piece,
please head over to my etsy page at the following link

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Working behind the scenes

Ok guys, the kids are back in school and winter break is OVER. 2015 has started and it is time to get things more serious around here. If you look up top, you will now see an Art Portfolio tab. This is for people to be able to see my previous and current projects all in one spot. I know trolling the blog is fun, but this should make things easier. You can also use the tabs to get to my etsy store, facebook page, etc.

This week I purchased the domain name "Lori's Happy Place". The cute IT guy is going to be working on getting it up and running. I will let you all know when it is working. I will be sticking with Blogger for blogging, but I want an official home that links people to my own store front for art. This will someday take the place of etsy and be my official storefront. Now, just to get my name and art out there more.

I have been playing in the studio a little. I sold and donated a few items in 2014, so I really need to get serious and boost up my inventory. If you know of anyone looking for a fabulous piece of art for themselves or for a gift, please direct them to my etsy store until the store front here is hopping along.

Giddy with excitement about the new things happening.
What have you all been up to?