Tuesday, February 10, 2015

He knew it was going to happen

At this point, it really is a good thing he loves me. We painted an entire house, then sold it and moved across the country, lived in a rental house for 6 months, bought a house with BORING beige walls, and have lived in it for 6 months. How long did he think I would last? I HATE beige!!!

These paint samples are now hanging on the wall in the front entry. He HATES to paint as much as I HATE beige, but he is so darn good at it. Since we are getting some tax money back, my wheels have been spinning. I NEED color!!. And I dislike flat paint all over the house. It's time for some eggshell/semi gloss color. This would be the color for the main living space. Bedrooms and offices would be different. My favorite is the middle one. It's called Metro Mist.

** Also considering putting in an electric fireplace, a sliding glass door, painting the exterior of the house, and buying some furniture. Don't tell him. I think he is starting to break out in hives every time we talk about it. LOVE YOU HONEY!!! Good news, the tax money won't cover all that, so we will have to do it in stages when cash is available. LOVE YOU HONEY!! **

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Eliza said...

Perfect choice, I love what you have chosen to do and I agree whole heart-idly. Do all the above you have mentioned. Beige is boring.

Hugs Eliza & Yoda