Friday, February 23, 2018

Easter Egg Happiness

Sometimes in life, stress gets a hold of you, and it won't let go.

I won't go into any details, but my family has dealt with some pretty amazing stress the last few years. Since I like a happy ending, I am jumping right to that spot. It is done!!! The stress has been defeated. The sun is shining. The son is in a good place.

I know some people use art to deal with stress. I wish I had that skill. My studio the last few years became foreign land. I avoided it because I felt I could not be creative when life was out of control.

But like I said above, THAT IS ALL OVER!! Today, I created!!

Ok, I will be the first to admit that this is a pretty simple project. It is not the huge canvas that has sat blank on my easel for three years. But it is another forgotten project that I found in the back of a file cabinet recently.

I bought these adorable ceramic Easter Eggs before we moved out of the Midwest. Like everything else in my life, they were packet by movers in 2013 and forgotten. In a studio clean up / purge last month, I found them again. So today's simple easy project is painting these cute little eggs for the upcoming Easter holiday. I will tackle that huge canvas on my easel soon. It will be part of my bedroom remodel in March.

Tools needed:
- 1 Dozen ceramic eggs
( Mine came from Hobby Lobby. They still had 12 tiny price tags on them)
- Pastel Acrylic Paints in your desired colors
- Black and white Acrylic Paint
- Interference Paint
- Rubber Gloves
- Paint brushes to splatter paint

Step 1:
Paint all of your eggs a base color and let eggs dry.
(Brand does not matter.)

I wanted pastels, so I mixed white to a few colors to get the desired shades.
I wore rubber gloves and used baby wipes and my gloves to apply the paint.. I wanted a little more mottled look without having brush stokes.

Step 2:
Use a fan brush, old tooth brush, or stencil brush to flick white and black paint on eggs.
I used white first and did one side of the eggs. When the paint was dry, I turned the eggs and did another side. When that side was dry, I repeated the process with black.

If you are impatient like me, you can use a heat tool to help speed up the drying process.

Step 3:
Make your eggs sparkle. I considered using glitter, but my husband has an allergy to glitter, so I went with Golden's Interference Green. It is semi transparent, so you can still see your other layers. I once again just rubbed it on with some rubber gloves. Let dry.

They shimmer. So cool!!
It was a simple project, but it turned out beautiful and exactly like I wanted.

Now onto those other forgotten projects.
Thanks for dropping into the blog today!!