Thursday, August 15, 2019

New me!!!!

Hello to anyone still following this blog.

This blog for about 10 years was used to blog about my artistic en-devours and the wonderful people I was blessed to work with during that time. Truth, I have not painted or created in forever. My choice was to delete my blog or morph it into something I am doing right now. I decided on the latter.

I have spent the last 11 months following a Low Carb Ketogenic Diet and lost 40 lbs. In the future I will be using this blog to share recipes, my progress, family stuff, and occasional art. (If I ever have time to create something.)

If you were a previous follower, and do not wish to follow this new journey, I understand. God bless you on your own artistic journey. If you are curious, and want to stick around, I would love to have you. I have worked all day transitioning all of my social media to the new me. Starting tomorrow, I will begin to share my current journey, and what I have learned about the Ketogenic Diet along the way.

Keto on!!!!
Eat bacon!!